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Divine WealthWise is a powerful program guiding members to their best, most enlightened financial self.

  • Meet amazing women.
  • Flex your financial muscles.
  • Be inspired.

Gather. Grow. Give.™


Our members are business leaders, expert consumers, networking gurus and enlightened souls. We gather together in a safe, empowering environment and create our own vision of financial security and success.  We grow money muscles and hone financial tools. We give ourselves a more abundant future.


WealthWise Exchange for Individuals

Our collaborative network of financial wisdom is guided by two financial industry professionals determined to transform women's perception of their own financial power.

The WealthWise Exchange is a powerful class guiding women to their best, most enlightened, financial self.  In the Exchange, we take apart the foundational elements of finance and wealth building and mold them to fit our realities, our truths, our lives.  We guide our members to emotionally connect with their financial desires and, together, we work on the best path to manifest our goals.



WealthWise is for you if you:

  • are ready and willing to commit to financial transformation;
  • are open to sharing and learning in a transparent and safe environment; and
  • have powerful networks of people committed to changing the world.

Who may not benefit from WealthWise?

WealthWise may not be for you if you:

  • are not quite ready to face your finances head on (and that's okay...for now.)
  • are in a circular relationship with debt (using new debt to repay old debt).

Are You ready and willing to start your financial journey?

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WealthWise Exchange for Companies


Guide your company in the design of a benefits program to maximize your group's financial well-being and create the path towards building your empire. Divine's team advises your company on the most beneficial longterm options and will empower your employees to recognize that they have the ability to secure their financial future.

A Divine WealthWise Corporate Exchange will:

  • Enable your employees to more effectively utilize their benefit programs, resulting in a maximization of benefits and increased appreciation for the benefits that you offer to employees;
  • Improve company morale;
  • Increase participation in benefit plans; and
  • Allow employees to invest more effectively.
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